Terms & Conditions

Wace Cars offer a convenient, quick and expert way to buy or sell a used car in Dubai. Our website is owned and operated by Wace Cars.

We are not responsible for any damages that relate to information published on the website and disclaim all liability for any reference to, use or reliance of information contained here within. Although the website is updated at times, we provide no guarantee that the contents are complete, correct and up to date. We also bear no responsibility for any content found on third party websites that we may link to, and we do not endorse these websites in any way.

Customers wishing to sell their used cars may use our service to assist. An upfront service fee, plus VAT, will apply. Full details will be given upon contact and commission of our services. Services are only rendered when the payment is received in full. The service includes a full car inspection, online advertising, prospective buyer administration, test drive organization and other tasks relating to the sale.

Buyers will need to provide ID when purchasing a vehicle from Wace Cars. The transfer of ownership will be delivered upon payment, along with VAT. The fee will be provided by the sales agent for Wace Cars and is fixed. Prospective buyers can ask Wace Cars to reserve a vehicle upon payment of a deposit. This is non-refundable unless the vehicle experiences a material change to its condition in the interim period. Any refunds are made to the original payment form. A processing fee may apply.

Wace Cars holds no liability for information provided about vehicles offered for sale and expressly disclaims liability for any damages or monetary losses that occur when the vehicle’s ownership is transferred to the buyer.

Our mechanics will undertake a safety inspection based on their professional view of the car’s condition. However, this isn’t a guarantee, and vehicles can depreciate or undergo a change of condition after the inspection is carried out. If a prospective buyer wants a second inspection to occur before the point of sale, this can be organized for a fee. Where Wace Cars provides professional opinions – be that for the condition of a car or guidance for a finance package, no liability or responsibility is taken on their part.

Any disputes or claims will be dealt with according to UAE laws.

Minors aged under 18 are not legally allowed to use this website or to transact via it.

Where payments are made online, an email confirmation will be sent to the customer. Services are non-refundable unless specified. Where refunds are agreed, these will happen within 10-45 calendar days back to the original payment mode.

Cancellations will be refunded with a 24h our notice period. No refund is due when this 24-hour notice isn’t adhered to. Refunds are also not offered to no-shows.

Full legal terms and conditions relating to the sale or purchase of our cars are provided in writing at the time to the customer in a clear and transparent way.