2013 Ford Explorer

Used Ford Explorer 2013 For Sale In Dubai
Used Ford Explorer 2013 For Sale In Dubai

Car Overview

Indian owner took good care of it, despite few scrathces and dents it looks and drives really good, a good poilsihing will be recommended, one METAL KEY is missing, RTA failed for (wiper blades & front tint only)... overall it is a good car for its mileage...

# Part Status
1 Front Bumper
2 Bonnet
3 Roof
4 Rear Bumper
5 Driver Side Front Wing p
6 Driver Side Front Door s,p
7 Driver Side Rear Door d,s,p
8 Driver Side Rear Quarter
9 Passenger Side Front Wing p
10 Passenger Side Front Door s,p
11 Passenger Side Rear Door p
12 Passenger Side Rear Quarter d,p
13 Driver Side Front Wheels
14 Driver Side Rear Wheels
15 Passenger Side Front Wheels
16 Passenger Side Rear Wheels s
17 Boot/Trunk d
  • Tyres average
  • Steering average
  • Engine average
  • Gearbox average
  • Dash Lights average
  • Electric Components average
  • A/C and Heating average
  • Breaks average
  • Suspension average
  • Exhaust average
  • Clutch average
  • Windows Sunroof average
  • Central Locking average
  • Horn/Light/Radio average

Required Bank finance documents for finance Buyers are as following:


  1. Salary Certificate (Copy + Original)
  2. 3 month bank statement (stamped)
  3. Passport & Visa copies
  4. Emirates ID copy
  1. Trade License(Copy + Original)
  2. MOA. (Copy + Original)
  3. Passport copies of all partners

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